What We Offer

What is PBSU Personal Mastery Training ©?

Only 15% of success is based on the things you do; the skill, strategy or execution of what you do. The other 85% is based upon the mentality of your state of being. Personal Mastery is about becoming someone you have never been so that you can perform at a level you have never performed and accomplish things that you have never accomplished. That’s what PBSU Personal Mastery Training © is all about. People who are poor pilots of their lives experience difficulty navigating through life. We believe that anyone who receives our training can develop a high EQ (emotional intelligence) making them not only high achievers, but overcomers. Why, because EQ is not based on something that is limited by your brain capacity, it’s really determined by your passion to grow.

PBSU Personal Mastery Training© for Groups:

Empirical data in the area of business successes reveal that teaching Personal Mastery principles increased employee leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and ultimately productivity significantly and profit increased. In the area of resiliency, Personal Mastery focuses on building a strong mind to overcome adversities in life. We will come to any organization to train your people on how to become better pilots of their lives leaving them empowered to operate at optimum capacity.

If you are interested in having us conduct PBSU Personal Mastery training © at your business or organization, please click here for a speaking engagement form and group rate information.

PBSU Personal Mastery Training© for Individuals:

Did you know that with certain fish their capacity to grow depends on the size tank they swim in? If you are frustrated, it may be because you are swimming in a tank when the ocean is beckoning you. The challenge is you have a whole lifetime of training that has emotionally conditioned you to certain scripts that are so strong and deeply embedded that the potential for your growth is not dictated by an economy or environment, it is dictated by the power of the unconscious limitations that you place on yourself because of the boundaries you’ve run into due to your own history. Our PBSU Personal Mastery Training © seminars assist you in shattering belief systems that can unleash the unconscious potential to do whatever is in your heart to do.