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85% of people never reach their full potential because they are not involved in a role that unleashes their signature gifts. Convergence is the place where your gifts, talents, and acquired skills combine with your ultimate sense of purpose. The number one hindrance to career convergence is personal convergence (unfinished homework). Consider the questions below to identify your self awareness and whether your emotional intelligence (EQ) is leading you toward or away from your eternal purpose.

  • – How much attention do you give to your thought life?
  • – When your emotional state becomes unhealthy or disempowering, are you able to build a roadmap through your thoughts and trace your steps to where you are with pinpoint accuracy?
  • – What is more dangerous, driving while drunk or driving with an ill will?
  • – What is your ability to navigate through life when hit with unexpected chaos?
  • – What part of your past, present and possibly your future is framed by your thought life?
  • – Have you checked in with you today?
  • – What unfinished business/homework is keeping your from greater invitations?
  • – Does the work you are doing align with your life purpose?
  • – What are your top ten passions and how close are you to fulfilling them?



What We Offer

What is PBSU Personal Mastery Training ©?

Only 15% of success is based on the things you do; the skill, strategy or execution of what you do. The other 85% is based upon the mentality of your state of being. Personal Mastery is about becoming someone you have never been so that you can perform at a level you have never performed and accomplish things that you have never accomplished. That’s what PBSU Personal Mastery Training © is all about. People who are poor pilots of their lives experience difficulty navigating through life. We believe that anyone who receives our training can develop a high EQ (emotional intelligence) making them not only high achievers, but overcomers. Why, because EQ is not based on something that is limited by your brain capacity, it’s really determined by your passion to grow.

PBSU Personal Mastery Training© for Groups:

Empirical data in the area of business successes reveal that teaching Personal Mastery principles increased employee leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and ultimately productivity significantly and profit increased. In the area of resiliency, Personal Mastery focuses on building a strong mind to overcome adversities in life. We will come to any organization to train your people on how to become better pilots of their lives leaving them empowered to operate at optimum capacity.

If you are interested in having us conduct PBSU Personal Mastery training © at your business or organization, please click here for a speaking engagement form and group rate information.

PBSU Personal Mastery Training© for Individuals:

Did you know that with certain fish their capacity to grow depends on the size tank they swim in? If you are frustrated, it may be because you are swimming in a tank when the ocean is beckoning you. The challenge is you have a whole lifetime of training that has emotionally conditioned you to certain scripts that are so strong and deeply embedded that the potential for your growth is not dictated by an economy or environment, it is dictated by the power of the unconscious limitations that you place on yourself because of the boundaries you’ve run into due to your own history. Our PBSU Personal Mastery Training © seminars assist you in shattering belief systems that can unleash the unconscious potential to do whatever is in your heart to do.


PB Success “Depression Free” Seminar

Before experiencing this teaching on Personal Mastery, I always knew that I was destined to live a prosperous life. The biggest question was “how?” Your teaching has answered this question. Because of your teaching, I am a firm believer that if you examine your thoughts, you will have the power to not only manage yourself but also the atmosphere around you. I have become a better wife, a better mother, a better employee and a better individual.

– KD

The Concept of EQ has helped me in my life immensely. I have always been an emotional being but unfortunately, it was in the negative way (or at least what I will deem as negative). I would hold in a lot of what I was thinking or feeling and not deal with it but instead brushing it off as if t didn’t matter. In turn, this was damaging my heart and even tearing down my self-worth. Once the EQ message was introduced to me, I began to manage my state so much better. Today because of greater understanding of managing myself and emotions, I am able to pinpoint why I am feeling a certain way, where it came from and how to move forward.

– AS

Recently, a good friend purchased your book and read it during an 8-hour flight from the US to Germany. He was unable to put it down during his entire holiday and came back excited about the life transforming information he gleaned. We are incorporating what we have learned in our daily lives, relationships, businesses, etc. Truly through these experiences, we like you… ARE THE SOLUTION! We are looking forward to your next conference with great expectations.

– JA & JF

Personal Mastery is the thread that ties all my years of searching for self-actualization into opportunities for victory-It is teaching me that I am the solution!

– JA

I contemplated suicide on more than one occasion…I never understood how I got to that place fully until I heard the Mosses teaching on EQ. I then began to understand how emotions and thoughts impacted my mental state…It gave me the Intel that I needed to ensure it would never happen again.

– DM


Self Mastery

Every person on planet earth has a specific set of skills that is designed to assist them in achieving their personal destiny leading to a life of bliss. However, if you examine the lives of many prominent people, you will discover that although gifted and extremely wealthy or successful many have died prematurely or were sidelined because of personal issues including drug abuse or depression-they didn’t do their personal homework. This book will expose the origin of unhealthy scripts that you may be oblivious to but are living and take you on a path of transformation to help you achieve greatness.

Personal Mastery

There is a cumulative convergence of prayer over time, an unprecedented level of anointing and the greatest wealth transfer known to man, stored up like a cumulus cloud ready to burst over a generation that is aligned with the purpose and the will of God. For years, God has been preparing this generation to fulfill a God-sized vision; one so huge that initially, they would balk at it. He is inviting believers to complete personalized assignments that will blow their natural mind, yet bring them total life prosperity. This cannot occur, however, until believers do the personal homework required to ensure they are not assailed by Satan on their way to fulfilling this mandate. Perry Moss, Jr. and Dr. Belinda G. Moss provide the pathway to help develop emotionally strong believers so they can confront and defeat the unexpected challenges of life and temptations of success, all which thwart the plan of God for their lives. Learn how to proof the heart, emotions and thinking powers and how to rule during times of conflict. Learn how to navigate through life victoriously utilizing the wisdom of God and learn how to discover the purpose of God for your life; the true art of fulfillment.

Depression Exposed

What makes this book different from all the other books on depression? This book offers hope outside the traditional remedies that only manage depression. Dr. Moss promises a 100% cure rate for anyone who aggresively applies the principles revealed in this book. This is compared to a 70% recurrence of depression for those taking anti-depressants. She promises this because she used these same principles to get delivered after 20 years of depression. She has now been free nearly 15 years. In the appendix, she offers a prescription consisting of foolproof and drug-free principles that guarantees unparalleled success, not only for depression but to eradicate sickness, poverty, lack, low self-esteem and many others. This is a must have self-help book!

How to Grieve and Let Go with Dignity

How to Grieve and Let Go with Dignity not only assists people in experiencing victorious grief, but it also teaches individuals how to re-prioritize their lives after a loss so they can fulfill destiny, the real place of euphoria. The book is written in two parts. Book One deals with grief associated with the death of a loved one, while Book Two addresses issues pertaining to divorce or abandonment. This book is for anyone who had been sucker-punched by life. To enhance the quality and quantity of life, the book also includes an Appendix filled with helpful data for planning a funeral, writing a Will and Testament, or starting a healthy lifestyle program complete with an exercise regimen that will help you lose weight.


Personal Mastery Book

Depression Exposed Book

Depression Exposed Book