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85% of people never reach their full potential because they are not involved in a role that unleashes their signature gifts. Convergence is the place where your gifts, talents, and acquired skills combine with your ultimate sense of purpose. The number one hindrance to career convergence is personal convergence (unfinished homework). Consider the questions below to identify your self awareness and whether your emotional intelligence (EQ) is leading you toward or away from your eternal purpose.

  • – How much attention do you give to your thought life?
  • – When your emotional state becomes unhealthy or disempowering, are you able to build a roadmap through your thoughts and trace your steps to where you are with pinpoint accuracy?
  • – What is more dangerous, driving while drunk or driving with an ill will?
  • – What is your ability to navigate through life when hit with unexpected chaos?
  • – What part of your past, present and possibly your future is framed by your thought life?
  • – Have you checked in with you today?
  • – What unfinished business/homework is keeping your from greater invitations?
  • – Does the work you are doing align with your life purpose?
  • – What are your top ten passions and how close are you to fulfilling them?